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Innovation (aviation safety, security, sustainability, passenger experience and environment)

Innovation (aviation safety, security, sustainability, passenger experience & environment)

The recipient of this prestigious Award is an individual or organization who has developed an outstanding innovative product, technology, process or service that clearly demonstrates to have improved the aviation safety/security standards, sustainability and environmental impact of the industry, or passengers’ experience whether in flight or on ground. This Award aims to celebrate excellence, passion, and hard work of committed individuals and organizations who dare to take a chance and make a difference. We are looking for technological and operational innovations that have or can lead to reduced risks of accidents, curtail carbon emissions, improved fuel efficiencies, developed alternate fuels, reduced flight times or generally improved the convenience and comfort factor for passengers.

Selection Criteria
Nomination or submission by individuals are evaluated by a Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) comprising of experts from the industry and academia followed by the decision from the Jury. The names of TEC and Jury members are published on the award website.

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